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No restrictions for people with HIV/AIDS.

HIV-specific entry and residence regulations for Colombia

We are not informed about regulations in this respect, but as your information was provided by the embassy of Colombia in Berlin, we assume that it is accurate.

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The Colombian Embassy in Brazil informs us that the Colombian authorities have never requested HIV-specific information from people entering the country.

Proof of Yellow Fever vaccination is required from people who have visited endemic areas.

The Embassy refers to the Public Health General Director in Bogotá.

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HIV treatment information for Colombia

  • Fundación Santa Fé de Bogotà
    Calle 119 (#) 9-33
  • SIDA - Fundación Apoyemonos
    CRA. 15 (#) 59 - 57 Ap. 503 
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HIV information / HIV NGOs in Colombia

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Global Criminalisation of HIV Transmission Scan

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  2. Ministry of Health, Ms. Ângela Pires Pinto, Brasília, Brazil, September 19 2008, by e-mail


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