Egypt - Regulations on Entry, Stay and Residence for PLHIV

Restriction categories relative to Egypt

  • Countries with restrictions for short term stays (<90 days)
  • Countries with restrictions for long term stays (>90 days)
  • Countries deporting people with HIV

Entry regulations Residence regulations Additional information
No HIV testing for tourist stays. HIV testing is required for residence and work permit applicants. No residence or work permit will be granted if HIV test result is positive. Foreigners diagnosed with HIV while in the country are expelled.

HIV-specific entry and residence regulations for Egypt

An HIV test has to be performed at the Health Ministry’s central laboratory for all people who apply for a residence or work permit (students, foreign employees, immigrants). Tests performed abroad are not recognized.

Foreigners diagnosed with HIV while in the country are expelled. The regulations are based on a Ministerial Decree.

HIV medication can be imported for personal use.

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All foreigners planning to study, work or train in Egypt for longer than one month may be required to undergo testing for HIV. Egyptian immigration authorities in Cairo’s Mogamma building provide information on this procedure upon application.

Medication & cosmetics

Egyptian authorities consider some prescription and over-the-counter medicines to be controlled substances. They will seize all narcotic and psychotropic medications, even if you have the original prescription. For all other prescription and over-the-counter medications:

  • Carry the original prescription
  • Ensure the medication is in its original packaging
  • Don’t attempt to enter the country with more than three months’ supply.

Authorities also regulate the import of cosmetics and veterinary products.

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There is no HIV test requirement for a tourist visa for up to 90 days for German citizens. Different requirements may apply to citizens from other countries or when making an application from another country (not Germany).

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HIV treatment information for Egypt



HIV information / HIV NGOs in Egypt

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Global Criminalisation of HIV Transmission Scan

The Global Criminalisation Scan is an initiative of GNP+. It aims to collect and keep up to date information on national and state level laws criminalising the transmission of or exposure to HIV. It also aims to provide an easily accessible ‘clearing-house’ of resources, research, and initiatives on the subject and to provide a platform for advocacy initiatives.

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