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No restrictions for people with HIV/AIDS.

HIV-specific entry and residence regulations for France

There are no specific entry or residence regulations for people with HIV/AIDS. No HIV test result is required when entering the country. A known HIV infection will not lead to deportation or the termination of a person's stay.

Antiretroviral medication for personal use can be carried. The traveller should carry a medical attestation to prove that he is not a narcotics dealer.

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The U.S. Department of State is unaware of any HIV/AIDS entry restrictions for visitors to or foreign residents of France.

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HIV treatment information for France

All hospitals in France and overseas departments are obliged to treat any patient in need. University hospitals throughout the country have specialised treatment centres providing the best standard of care.

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HIV information / HIV NGOs in France


Global Criminalisation of HIV Transmission Scan

The Global Criminalisation Scan is an initiative of GNP+. It aims to collect and keep up to date information on national and state level laws criminalising the transmission of or exposure to HIV. It also aims to provide an easily accessible ‘clearing-house’ of resources, research, and initiatives on the subject and to provide a platform for advocacy initiatives.

Find out more about the scan and the criminalisation of HIV transmission legislation at



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