United Arab Emirates (UAE) - Regulations on Entry, Stay and Residence for PLHIV

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Short-term tourist stays are possible. HIV test certificate required for anyone who applies for a work and residence permit. The medical examination, including an HIV test, must be performed in the Emirates. Residence is denied if the result is positive. People with HIV may be deported. Airline passengers in transit in Dubai are not affected by the regulations.

HIV-specific entry and residence regulations for United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Author’s note: Business travellers, tourists with HIV & PrEP users: Check the travel tips section about travelling with prescription medication and follow this guidance.

A full medical exam is required for work or residence permits. The exam and tests for HIV / AIDS, viral hepatitis B, tuberculosis, leprosy, and pregnancy must be performed after arrival. U.S. citizens have been detained and deported for testing positive for HIV, active tuberculosis, or hepatitis. Medical exams performed outside of the UAE will not be accepted.

The UAE has imposed HIV/AIDS travel restrictions on all foreigners seeking residency. Travelers for tourism are not tested or requested to provide information about HIV/AIDS status.

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Medical tests, including tests for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis infections, are required to obtain or renew a work or residency permit. Emirati authorities don’t recognize foreign-issued HIV test results.

If you test positive for HIV or another communicable disease such as hepatitis or tuberculosis, you may be subject to detention, deportation, quarantine, or mandatory treatment.

It is also forbidden to enter the UAE with HIV/AIDS antiretroviral medication for personal use. If you do so, you may be subject to scrutiny, detention and deportation.

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I was tested HIV-positive when renewing my resident permit in the UAE, and immediately put in jail for a long time before deportation (min. 10 working days). I was not even allowed to collect my personal items at my home.

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HIV treatment information for United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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Global Criminalisation of HIV Transmission Scan

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Find out more about the scan and the criminalisation of HIV transmission legislation at http://criminalisation.gnpplus.net/.



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